Dr. O'Bannan with Rabbit

Annual Wellness Exam

Animals need annual visits to the doctor just like humans. Regular examinations help identify medical and behavioral problems before they present serious concerns for the health of your pet. Many diseases begin and progress subtly at first, and the changes in our pets may be imperceptible to those who see them every day. An annual exam will improve the quality and longevity of your pet's life.

During the examination, the doctor will listen, feel, and assess your pet's:

weight, body condition, and conformationDog
skin, paws, nails, lumps, and bumps
teeth, gums, and oral masses
eyes, ears, and nose
lymph nodes
hydration status
heart: pulse rhythm, rate, quality, and
   presence of murmurs
abdominal organs, especially intestines,
   kidneys, and liver
mobility, gait, muscle or skeletal pain and    weakness

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