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Senior Pet Care

Dogs and cats are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. This is due in part to advancements in veterinary medicine, nutrition, and preventative health care. Additionally, our pets have become part of our families, and have significantly benefitted from the special bond they share with their owners.

As dogs and cats age, subtle changes in organ function, dental disease, and arthritis may be detected by basic diagnostic measures. Consequently, we recommend specific screening tests, diets, and other measures to ensure your pet remains comfortable for as long as possible.


Common Senior Canine Conditions

Heart disease

Senior Dog

Kidney disease
Dental/oral disease
Liver disease

Common Senior Feline Conditions

Kidney disease
Dental/oral disease

Recommended Annual Screening Tests

Complete physical exam

• Performed by a veterinarian
• Determines overall physical health of animal and identifies any special problems

Complete blood count and comprehensive panel

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