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Have you ever been given a prognosis for yourself or your pet and not had the slightest idea what the next step was to come? Effective communication between doctors and clients is so important in understanding, treating and even curing diseases. Our case report this season involves a very dear feline and her struggle with diabetes. Diabetes is caused by the body not producing or correctly using insulin. Humans and animals need insulin to help absorb glucose, an essential sugar used in cell regeneration.

Earlier this year we had a patient named Piper come to our clinic pre‐diagnosed with feline diabetes. Her owner had been previously told she needed to change Piper's food, but had not been given further explanations or courses of action. When she presented to Medical Lake Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Dutton first explained the disease, the cause, and treatment options. The owners jumped on the opportunity to start insulin treatments for her.

One of the struggles we faced in our diabetic journey was finding out the correct dose of insulin to give Piper because when she ate, her body would try and make as much insulin as it could using the food it had just eaten, but it wasn't enough! We had to find the perfect dose to help her body function normally. As time went on, with glucose readings before meals, after meals and with injections, we finally had the dose of insulin that worked for Piper. There is a new treatment protocol, a type of insulin called Glargine, which is 80% effective in curing diabetes in cats when implemented early in the disease.

After 3 ½ months, we are so proud to announce that we have a furry, fantastic, friendly feline that is CURED from diabetes. For the years to come, we will continue to watch out for signs of feline diabetes (frequent urination, weight loss and excessive drinking) in Piper. The owners had such a HUGE role to play in curing their feline by wanting to aggressively treat the condition, keeping up on the food and insulin doses, and communicating with Dr. Dutton to cure her!

If you are ever worried about your furry family member, remember to contact the clinic immediately, take notes on anything you don't think is normal, and write down questions for the doctor. The more information and communication we share, the better!

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