Case 1

Precious Bayman
Male feline
Hit by car
Left hip luxation
FHO performed 10/3/12


Precious is a sweet, 14 month old gray tabby tragically hit by a car in early October.  Frightened and in pain, he ran away and hid for four days.  His owner, Sherra Bayman of Airway Heights, eventually found him in so much pain he was unable to put any weight on his left hind limb.  Ms. Bayman immediately made an appointment at MLVC to see Dr. O'Bannan.  Dr. O'Bannan noticed Precious was extremely sore with palpation of his left hind limb, which he held in an abnormal position.  Despite everything, Precious purred during the entire exam.  X-rays of his hips and hind limbs revealed his left hip joint was completely dislocated.  Bloodwork showed dehydration with no internal organ damage. 

Dr. O'Bannan
Dr. O'Bannan with Precious.

Precious was placed on IV fluids to correct his fluid deficit. Once his condition was stable, Precious was anesthetized for surgery.  Due to the length of time between the dislocation of his hip and his surgery, it was not possible to simply manipulate the bones back into place.  Dr. O'Bannan performed a left femoral head ostectomy, which effectively removed the hip joint.  Since Precious was nearly two years old, his leg muscles were developed enough to hold his hind limb in place and supply proper support and range of motion.  Within an hour after waking up from his surgery, Precious was back to purring and actually chasing his tail in his enclosure.  He went home the next morning acting as though nothing happened (although he had quite the odd shave job!). 

Ms. Bayman reports, "He is just a normal cat now. He is walking on his leg and can jump on it. He jumps from the top bunk bed to the bottom bunk bed and onto the dresser. We are so pleased."


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AFTER Surgery


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