Common Pet Food Myths

Nutrition Booklet by Dr. Trina Dutton
Dr. Dutton has written a booklet for our clients on pet nutrition. Pick one up at your next visit!

Myth: Ingredients are listed in order of how much is in the bag, with the most being listed first.

Fact: Manufacturers use ingredient splitting to make it look like there is less of specific ingredients.

Myth: Adding protein to the diet increases muscle mass and strength.

Fact: You have to excerise your muscles to gain muscle mass and strength. Eating extra protein does not do much toward boosting muscle mass and strength. Medical research shows that eating too much protein can harm your body.

Myth: High protein = high energy

Fact: Active pets need a high energy diet, not a high protein diet.

Myth: Corn is not digestable.

Fact: Ground corn is easily digestable.

Myth: Corn is just a low cost filler.

Fact: Corn is an excellent source of nutrients. Corn has essential fatty acids (healthy skin and coat), beta-carotene, vitamin E, lutein (nature's antioxidants), quality proteins (muscle and tissue growth), and is a highly digestible carbohydrate (energy). Also, the protein in corn is more digestible than most grains commonly used in pet foods.

Myth: Corn causes food allergies in pets.

Fact: Pets very rarely become allergic to corn.

Myth: Dogs and cats need meat like they would get in the wild.

Fact: Wolves and other carnivorous wild animals eat the stomach contents of prey first which includes grain type foods. They will eat the meat last and often not all of it.

Myth: AAFCO approved pet food is the best.

Fact: The following recipe will pass AAFCO requirements:

1 pair leather work boots
4 quarts crankcase oil (used)
1 pail coal (crushed)
1 quart water

Mix together and form into 12 mm round kibbles.

Myth: I can always get factual information from companies who sell pet food.

Fact: The above information should prove advertising can be very misleading.

Want more info on pet nutrition? Dr. Dutton has written an easy-to-read informative booklet regarding pet nutrition for our clients. At your next visit, make sure you pick one up!

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