Indoor Cat Needs


Indoor cats have basic needs they require for their long-term health.  Sometimes if these needs are not met, they become stressed and exhibit inappropriate behavior.  Remember, unless they exhibit this behavior it is very difficult for us to recognize when they are stressed.  Cats have a superior sense of smell and hearing.  Stress can occur due to strong or strange smells or sounds, which are undetectable or insignificant to us.

Listed here are things an “ideal” house for cats would include.


Litter Boxes

Cats eliminate to fulfill a fundamental need as well as to mark their territory.  Indoor cats consider your home their territory.  To help ensure they don’t feel the need to eliminate in improper areas of the house, we want the cat to have a positive experience with the litter box.  Here are some important qualities of litter boxes:

Additional Items to Provide


Normal behaviors of a healthy cat:

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